Everybody's Favourite Flower

Website updated with

some Classic dahlias


Tuber sales will start

10:00 am PST on

April 20th 2024.

NO orders will be accepted

before April 20th, 2024.

As tubers are pulled from

winter storage, some may

be removed from website.

Check the website a

few days before sale.

In May, dahlia tubers and potted dahlias will be available at my self-serve roadside stand for purchase.
Dahlia tubers are priced from $5.00 to $12.00 each.

$5.00 – border dahlia tuber

$7.00 – classic dahlia tuber

$10.00 – large ‘dinner-plate’ dahlia tuber

$12.00 – recent new introduction tuber

$8.00 – potted dahlia tuber

$5.00 – dahlia flower bouquet

Cash or eTransfers (DahliaLama@shaw.ca) at time of pickup
Mail Orders – for orders of up to 10 tubers, a $20 shipping fee will be added.
                            – for orders between 11 to 25 tubers, a $25 shipping fee will be added

For mail orders to the USA, a charge of $17.00 will be added for a phytosanitary certificate to export tubers across the border
(inquire about e-Transfer payments for US customers)
Also, all prices are “at par” (i.e. $7.00 on the web site is $7.00 US for US customers)

Link to Classic Dahlia Tubers

Link to Border Dahlia Tubers

Link to Cut Flowers

Mail Orders to:    DahliaLama@shaw.ca 

Enjoy your blooms!