Ordering Instructions



All tuber orders must be emailed to:  DahliaLama@shaw.ca

Eyed-up dahlia tubers will not be available until late April or early May (because tubers will not be taken out of cold storage until early April).  If you wish to receive your tubers prior to early May, please order your tubers from another supplier.

All orders will be processed in the order that they were received.  Include the dahlia variety name, the number of tubers of each variety, your shipping address and your telephone number.

Tubers are shipped in pine wood shavings to avoid any damage.

In late April / early May, we will email you an invoice for your e-Transfer payment.

All tubers are guaranteed to be true to name, disease free, and have at least one viable eye. If you have any problem, contact me by July 15th and a replacement tuber will be sent to you the following year.