Dahlia Classifications

The following two charts:

  • define the diameter or width of the dahlia bloom based on a one or two alpha code
  • list the available dahlia plants based on their bloom size and form.  The plant height is approximate based on soil conditions and fertilizer regimen. 


Giant     AA    => 10″Large      A     8″ to 10″
Medium  B     6″ to 8″Small     BB    4″ to 6″
                                           Miniature     M     up to 4″
Ball     BA    > 3.5″Miniature Ball      MB   2″ to 3.5″
                                            Pompon       P   up to 2″
Single    S    > 2″Mignon Single    MS   up to 2″


NameSize & FormHt
AA = > 10″  
AC MoonwalkAA SC Y5.5
AC PillowAA SC DB OR/YL4-4.5
Aggie WhiteAA ID BR  5-5.5
Ben HustonAA ID BR BR6 5-5.5
Bloomquist ShineAA SC Y YL123.5-4
BonaventureAA FD BR BR3 3.5-4
Clyde’s ChoiceAA FD OR5
KA KhaleesiAA ID W4-5
Kenora Clyde AA SC W  5
Nick Sr.AA ID R/(y)4-5
Show ‘N’ TellAA LC DB RD/YL3.5-4
Sir Alf RamseyAA SC DB LV9/WH24-5
Wyn’s Farmer JohnAA ID LB   4
Wyn’s Neon DreamAA ID YL5-6
A = 8″ – 10″  
Camano SitkaA IC LB BR10/YL54-5
CHi eeZ WhizA ID LB DP4/OR65.5-6
CHi eF 25A SC BR105-5.5
CHi Moon ShadowA SC PK4-4.5
Clearview EdieA SC W WH25-6
Edna CA FD Y3.5
Kenora JubileeA SC WH4-4.5
Ketchup & MustardA FD FL RD22/YL113.5-4
SpartacusA ID DR DR54.5-5
Trooper DanA SC Y4
Vassio MeggosA ID L LV104-5
Wyn’s Red StilettoA SC R4-4.5
B = 6″ – 8″  
AC AbbyB C FL RD11/YL114
Bowser Alexandre PaulB FD DR6-7
CHi Darlin’ B IC LB DP3/YL144-4.5
JessicaB C BI YL12/RD114.5
Kenora Macop-BB LC DR5
Narrows TriciaB SC Y  YL9 5-6
NTAC PatriciaB C LB PK22/WH14
R NiaB C Y 4-4.5
Skipley BonanzaB IC R RD23 5
StellyvonneB LC Y3.5-4
Wyn’s Ballerina BelleB SC LB   3.5
Wyn’s Neon DreamAA ID YL5-6
BB = 4″ – 6″  
CB Snow ShadowBB FD PK6-6.5
CHi Ca BonitaBB FD YL4
CHi CutterBB C LV95
CHi DonnieBB ID BR185.5-6
CHi HapunaBB FD WH33.5-4
CHi Ki MaddiBB SC LV114.5
Clearview DavidBB FD L LV73.5-4
Colleen MooneyBB FD PR PR294-5
Hillcrest KismetBB FD LB PK/YL4
Hollyhill Black BeautyBB ID DR DR12   4.5-5
Just PeachyBB SC LB PK/Y3.5-4.5
Lake OntarioBB FD YL/RD3.5-4
Mon Cher-eBB FD DR4
Parkland RaveBB IC L LV104.5
Rothesay RevellerBB FD BI PR/W5
Skipley SpotBB FD BI R/W4-5
Miniature = up to 4″  
Badger TwinkleM SC DB4.5
CHi Black VelvetM FD PR264
CHi Ca LocaM FD DP145
CHi ChucklesM FD OR55
CHi HermanaM FD W5-6
CHi Ma MereM FD PR263-3.5
CHi Ree PaigeM FD LB WH3/YL45-5.5
Echo JoseM FD OR OR64
R JoanM FD PK4.5-5
Ryecroft JanM FD W WH24.5-5
Ball = > 3.5″  
Clearview DanielBA Y  Y114.5-5
CornelBA DR DR34
L’AncresseBA W WH65-6
Mary’s JomandaBA DP 4-5
Skipley Lois JeanBA DP5-5.5
Snoho DorisBA DB RD9/BR25-6
Miniature Ball = 2″ – 3.5″  
CB Very BerryMB DP6
CHi Nese RedMB RD234
Chimacum TroyMB PR PR284-4.5
Sir RichardMB DP3-3.5
Skipley Snoho BillMB PR PR28 4.5
Pompon = up to 2″  
Irish GlowP R RD184
AC RoosterST R4
Alloway CandyST PK3.5-4
CHi ShakaST L LV104
Clearview Del SolST Y4-4.5
CHi FlamingoWL DPK4-5
CHi MazingWL DB DP/YL4-5
CHi Mon Cher-eWL WH3.5
Hollyhill Black Widow WL DR4
Mak’s Royal RubyWL R RD10 4-4.5
Pam HowdenWL LB YL16/OR5/DP133.5-4
Wildwood MarieWL DP DP154.5-5
Valley PorcupineNX LB PK23/WH24.5
Miniature Peony  
Miss MuffetMPE W WH22-2.5
Alpen FuryAN R3.5-4
MexicoAN L4
Bloomquist SweetCO DB DP14/PR263.5-4
CHi RaeCO DR DR3 yl11/rd224.5-5
Kelsey AriaCO LB LV7/YL9/db/dp18/yl173.5-4
HonkaO Y Y/y3-3.5
Natalie’s StarO LB LV3/WH24
Baron Sylvia SOT W4-5
RaeAnn’s VolunteerOT W WH2/wh2-wh2  3.5-4
Single   > 2″  
Gwen RedcliffeS R5
Lulu Island MomS W3.5-4
VolkskanzlerS DB3.5-4
Mignon Single  <= 2″  
Bonne EsperanceMS DP DP111.5-2
DaisyMS DP DP1/rd242
InflammationMS OR OR22/rd221-1.5
Lo – BlushMS LB DP/W1.5-2
Lo – RedeyeMS DB BR12/RD241
Lo – WhiteMS WH WH01-1.5
Lupin Tori MS W1.5-2
Matthew JuulMS OR OR6/dr31.5
ReddyMS R1.5-2
RembrandtMS DR1
Topmix YellowMS Y1-1.5